Q: What are the wedding cake figurines made from?

A: The wedding cake figurines are all made from high quality resin and then hand painted to perfection!

Q: How exactly do the wedding cake figurines work?

A: We have designed them especially so that no matter which figurines you pick, they will all fit together, almost holding hands, once they are stood together.  This allows yo to choose your perfect love match that best represents your relationship.  So far we have 6 options that create 21 different combinations.

Q: Can the wedding cake toppers be used for anything else?

A: Absolutely they can!  We have designed them to be very neutral so they be used for a variety of occasions without being to specific to any one event.  With their smart attire, they are suited to weddings, engagement and anniversary cakes.  They are also perfect for displaying in a safe place in the home as a decoration.

Q: Do the wedding cake toppers come in nice packaging?

A: Absolutely they do - they are beautifully boxed with a magnetic clasp shutting and so perfect for gift giving.  We understand that precious cake toppers like these will be treasured for years, even if they are stored away as keepsakes and we designed our packaging with this in mind.  They would make an absolutely stunning engagement gift, bridal shower gift or house warming present for a couple moving in together.

Q:  Where can I buy the toppers?

They are available in both the US and now in Australia too!  In the US they are available on Amazon.com, Etsy and Ebay.  In Australia they are available on this website, through Amazon or on EBay. Hop onto the product pages for links for each option.

Q: Are the wedding cake topper figurines fragile?

A:  Yes all resin is fragile and care should be taken.  The gift box they come in is extremely well protected with an inner thick layer of foam so damage during shipping is highly unlikely unless something very extreme happens.  Please do not children handle them - they are not toys. These are precious keepsakes!

Q:  Are there any particular instructions for using the wedding cake figurines?

A:  When being used on a cake, we recommend placing the cake in its final display setting before adding the figurines.  Each figurine box also has a clear acrylic disk on it.  This should be placed on the cake first in case of any uneven surfaces and it will also stop your precious figurines from getting icing or food colouring on them.  As each box contains a disk, you only need to use one.

Q: How much is shipping:

A: On Amazon.com shipping is free for Prime members.  Other platforms vary so it might be best to price up each option depending on your location.

Q: Can I buy your cake figurines in any shops?

A: Not as yet - these are our own design and totally unique and at the moment only available through us.

Q: Do you wholesale your wedding cake figurines?

We certainly do! Please contact us to discuss.