You’ve already found your perfect match... Now find your perfect cake topping match!

With the Marri Tree Lane collection of mix-and-match bride and groom figurines, take the stress and guesswork out of finding the perfect cake toppers.

Inspired by love, designed for simplicity, and created to champion for inclusivity and equality ~ ​The Marri Tree Lane Collection​ offers an assortment of groom and bride options so that you and your partner are properly represented on your wedding day.

wedding cake toppers bride and groom



Equality in Love, Equality in Society

Our mission at Marri Tree Lane is to promote inclusiveness, harmony, and love for all - despite gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, or social standing.

They say love is blind, but we at Marri Tree Lane think it’s the exact opposite ~ Love sees all shapes, sizes, and colors and we wanted to create Wedding Cake Toppers that truly caught the essence behind our mission statement.

Our goal is to make sure you and your significant other feel included and represented on your special day.


wedding cake toppers for straight gay lesbian and interracial couples

Memories to Cherish for a Lifetime

Every piece we put our name to is designed to be loved and adored for years to come. By displaying them as ornaments in your home, you can bring back memories of the most special day of all whenever the mood takes you.

 gay and lesbian wedding cake toppers for interracial and african american grooms and brides 

Jenny, Designer and Owner of Marri Tree Lane