Wedding Cake Topper Figurines with Blank Faces

The final 3D Imaging files have blank faces. This was a late stage decision by myself and we were just finalising the details when I decided to make them blank...

Why? Well, I still couldn't shake the idea that the faces, no mater how much we tweaked them, still 'looked like someone'.  It's pretty hard to make a face generic and that's what we needed so the consumer can project their own image onto these figurines.

When creating products for the market it's important to do your homework and research and hopefully find a gap in the market and solve a problem that your consumers are experiencing.  In this case I am aiming to appeal to a wider audience outside of 'white heterosexual' relationships.

Here's a fun fact for you... 1 in 5 weddings in the US are of mixed race.

These wedding cake toppers were then made into real little figurines that look exactly like the 3d models - we tweaked the colours a bit more however.

At present, we have 6 figurines that all mix and match to make 21 combinations - so hopefully they represent a far greater portion of our communities than many current wedding cake topper figurines do and doing it in a stylish and classy manner.

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