Unboxing the wedding cake topper figurines....

This video link below shows the gorgeous high quality packaging each figurine comes in - perfect for gift giving and long term storage for these precious keepsakes.

The box design was really important to me as I know these gorgeous figurines will want to be kept safe for a long time. The box is very sturdy with exceptional padding inside and can survive a foot drop test onto concrete quite happily.

The box itself is high quality and made from very thick card and beautifully decorated with our lovely Marri Tree design. On the underside of the box is a lovely text with explains the significance of the Marri Tree with regards these products:


The Marri Tree is a magnificent and unique piece of flora belonging to the Eucalypt family.  It stands at around 40 meters high and presents a stunning and unique blossom.
This type of Gum Tree is native to beautiful Western Australia where Marri Tree Lane was founded.

We send our heartfelt best wishes on your incredible journey and celebrate your proud, strong and ever-blossoming relationship with you.



These will be available on the market very shortly - to keep in touch with when the launch will be, please feel free to opt-in to my newsletter on the home screen of the Marri Tree Lane website: www.marritreelane.com.

Please note these will be launching in the US but will be able to be sent to most countries. 

Feel free to watch the unboxing video here.