The Tradition Behind Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is so much more than just a 'cake' - the tradition of serving the cake to guests began in ancient Rome.

The Romans actually used a more break like cake which was broken over the brides head for good luck.

In Medieval England cakes were stacked really high for the bride and groom to try and kiss over the top.  A successful kiss without knocking the pile over meant a long and happy life together.

During the mid-17th century a 'bride's pie' was eaten and guests were expected to have a piece - it was considered rude and bad luck if anyone refused it.  Sometimes this pie was baked with a ring inside of it and whoever had the ring in their slice was supposed to be the next to marry.  It was this pie that evolved into the type of cake that we know it today.

In Modern times, the cake now tends to be a focal point of the wedding meal that takes pride of place in the reception area and is often quite elaborate and large depending on how many guests it needs to feed.

The bride and groom cut the cake together and traditionally share a piece between them before cutting and distributing it to the guests.  This cutting and sharing of the cake symbolises the union between them and their promise to forever provide for each other.

There are many many traditions in relation to wedding cakes depending on personal beliefs and cultures even today, from the ingredients that makes the cake (fruit cakes are supposed to symbolise fertility) to bridesmaids keeping a serving under the pillow so she may wed next.

A more common tradition is for the top tier of the cake to be kept for their first anniversary or when the first childs' christening takes place.  Due to many modern cakes being made from sponge, this section would need to be frozen, however the more traditional fruit cakes could be kept unfrozen and would remain preserved for long periods of time.

Another tradition of wedding cakes are the toppers that sit on the highest tier. Most commonly these represent the bride and groom although many types of toppers are used these days.

More about the wedding cake toppers in the next Blog!

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