The Tradition Behind Wedding Cake Toppers - the Idea of Togetherness

Whilst wedding cakes have been around since the Roman Empire in their primitive form, wedding cake toppers are a much newer tradition.

Starting in the US before the American Civil War they rapidly gained in popularity and around 1920 was when the first little figurines started to spear.  Up until then the cake toppers could have been bells, flowers or even a photo of the happy couple.

The rise of the figurines took the wedding scene by storm and in the more affluent classes they were the 'must-have' item to finish your wedding cake off.

Initially these were made from paper, wax or plaster-of-paris.  Today they are usually made from porcelain, resin or fondant icing but still represent the idea of togetherness.

Modern day has seen the variety of wedding cake toppers grow and develop - flowers are still popular as are simple letter or sayings.  

The wedding cake topper is the only part of the wedding cake that can be treasured for years to come, long after the top tier of the cake has been eaten on the first anniversary.  Having this memento as a keep sake is a lovely idea, with many being displayed within the home as a daily reminder of your special day and your love for one another.

The figurines now come in many shapes and sizes and customised ones might include career or hobby choices. These can be found on market places such as Etsy and start from around $100USD - $250USD for a couple.

Modern day cake toppers figurines are much more amenable to what was once considered 'minority' relationships, such as same sex or interracial relationships.

Off-the-shelf wedding cake toppers are much cheaper but on the whole are pretty nasty looking and it's hard to find ones that are stylish and well packaged that cater to a range of relationship choices.

Marri Tree Lane has created some stylish and classy cake figurines where you pick the pair to best represent your relationship.  The current 6 figurines choices combine to make 21 different combinations.  

Each figurine can work with any of the others and when placed together they almost hold hands and join as one.

Each figurine is beautifully gift boxed complete with padding to ensure safe delivery and a lovely magnetic clasp closure.  These are designed to store your precious keepsakes for years to come although they are perfect for displaying in the home after the happy occasion.

They are cleverly designed in smart attire so they are also suitable for engagement and anniversary cakes, wedding vowel renewal ceremonies or even just as a house warming gift for a new couple living together for the first time.

Please check out our Wedding Cake Topper Figurines here.

Whatever you decide for your big day, whether you finish your cake in flowers, words or other objects to fit into your chosen theme or colours, Marri Tree Lane wishes you many long years of happiness, health and love!


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