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Cake Topper Figurines to Create your Perfect Love Match


6 Figurines, 21 combinations.

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Finally easy to buy interacial and same sex cake toppers

These are genius. It is incredibly hard to find interracial cake toppers. Which in 2018 is insane. These have a beautiful look

Meshal - USA

Cake Toppers That Actually Look Like Us!

I’m very excited about these cake toppers! They have a little weight to them, but they’re not too heavy, and they’re definitely sturdy. (I’ll update my review after the wedding to detail how they handle on top of the cake.) But they’re very well made and very high quality. Both my fiance and I are black, but we’re quite a few shades apart, so the “African American” cake toppers never look anything like us. I also like the fact that they’re faceless, because the ones with little faces look creepy to me, plus it makes them even more diverse for different couples. I’m glad these became available on Amazon because they’ll be excellent for couples who are interracial, just have different skin tones, and/or are LGBTQIA.

Tiffany, DE - USA

Simply Amazing!!!

These cake toppers are AMAZING! I have a cake shop and I wanted these toppers to show the diversity of the type of couples we see every day. I will be making special faux wedding cakes to really showcase how unique these toppers really are.

Amazon Customer

Love is beautiful and so are these

Lovely figures. Fit together perfectly.


Perfect Cake Toppers

Our cake toppers were perfect. Finding a same sex, interracial couple at a reasonable cost was not an easy task. The cake toppers we got were excellent. Thank you so much!!!! I would recommend these to anyone.

Brinton - USA


I own a Bakery and am in love with these gorgeous couples for our cakes!

Anne, NV - USA

The craftmanship is beautiful

I loved these cake toppers! They came with lovely interlocking hands so they look beautiful when they are added as the final design onto the cake. I love the ability to mix and match the cake toppers. For today's couples, I think that is very important. They also shipped fast and came in a beautiful reusable box.

A. Beck

Great company!

Great products, great service.


mix and match

Perfect way to mix and match your dynamics.